Asgard Systems is a technological innovation company from Tel Aviv that operates in the Defense, HLS and Aerospace

The company was founded in 2020 and employs dozens of experts, all of whom are veterans of the Israeli Defense System and are engineers, product managers, algorithm experts, scientists, researchers and software developers

עובדי אסגארד מביטים לנוף מהחלון
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We Provide
AI Solutions

The revolution of artificial intelligence

Our company specializes in technological applications of artificial intelligence, data science, analysis, optimization and deep learning

Our belief is that our competitive advantage is at the brink whereas computers have clear advantage over humans


Our vision is to harness artificial intelligence and deep engineering in the needs of operational users and organizations around the world


Our mission is to optimize engineering and R&D processes, operation processes and missions through effective and deep technology

The management team
of Asgard Systems

Rotem Mey-Tal

15 years of technology management
MBA from Ben-Gurion university
Bs.c in Mechanical & Systems engineering


Guy Avidan

7 years of technology management
AI & Algo tech expert
Bs.c in Computers science
from Reichman University (IDC)
אייקון פנים
אייקון AI
אייקון מחקר ופיתוח
אייקון כדור הארץ

Our competitive advantage

The competitive advantage of Asgard Systems lies in the company’s employees

We are all born and bred in the field areas whereas our company operates

We all work in an agile, super-fast method in technological commando work teams

And we are all marching towards a common goal,

which is the company’s goal – to optimize everything!