DSS and C4I systems

C4I systems for military logistics

Full management systems and monitoring of soldiers

Applications for tracking and controlling military and operational personnel

הדמיית אפליקציה במסכים שונים

Military and operational applications

תמונה מקרוס של טאבלט

Resource optimizations applications in small commando teams

A hybrid application for managing military personnel in an operational mission

Logistics inventory management applications for operators in the field, base and training ops

Fiscal & visual simulations

Variable fidelity simulations

Implementation of fiscal simulations that consider environmental conditions, mission conditions, electromagnetic compatibility, meteorology conditions,
RF, spectrum, kinetics and ballistics

Visual simulations in 3D graphic engines development

עובד אסגארד מבצע הדמיות טנקים


עובד אסגארד בחדר סימולציה

Dedicated sniper simulator for all calibers and operational sniper conditions

Infantry simulator and special missions

VR simulator for training police officers and EOD units

Air marshal simulator

Simulator for cognitive training of soldiers and operators

AI-based intelligence systems

The Fire Spear system for predicting the spread of wildfires in forests and providing DSS to decision makers

Silver Ankor system for predicting the spread of CBRN on GIS maps within advanced applications of artificial intelligence

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operational mission planners

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HLS mission planner for planning the deployment of sensors, effectors, platforms and communications at strategic facilities, sensitive sites and essential plants

Border and coast defense mission planner - enables planning, analysis and optimization of system deployment throughout the entire operational train